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Coldpressed EcoResin

No greenwashing here, top performance still requires hightech materials. But we do our best to reduce the use of conventional resin. By now we can make up 20% from organic ressources.

Versatile Supply

Our mission is to teach you what we know and give you all the things to do it. Learn new sports in a flash, with good equipment and good coaching. For purchasing advice hit the buyers guide or contact us directly.

Local Production

Handmanufactured in Munich we assure to deliver finest quality as direct as possible. Home is where the heart is – and our heart beats for local retailers, surfers and skaters. Join the community

Surfskate information

Du hast Fragen zu den Shapes oder weißt nicht, welche die passende Form für dich ist?
Dann kontaktiere uns doch einfasch gerne. Wir beraten dich gerne via Mail, telefonisch oder persönlich in unserer Werkstatt.